How to fix FASTag on Cars windshield

How To Fix FASTag On Cars Windshield

Since the launch of FASTag on cars is introduced, the government also announced that the FASTag is mandatory to have on every car, But installing fASTag is quite technical and it’s difficult to install on cars and here we have a simple step to solve the problem. Before we move on, fixing FASTag on Cars lets us understand what FASTag is useful for us.

What is FASTag

FASTag is a system of electronic toll collection that facilitates electronic toll collection through the use of pre-paid motor vehicle-specific electronic RFID tags in vehicles, or ‘tags’. With this system, motorists can pay their tolls at any FASTag compliant outlet at a distance of up to 100km from toll plazas without the need to stop. It also saves time, reduces fuel consumption, and substantially reduces vehicular emissions by making toll payments without interrupting travel.

There are nearly 10,000 FASTag-enabled toll plazas in India that can accept payment through a single card. A special FASTag card is required to drive through FASTag-enabled toll plazas. These are rechargeable through any PoS (Point of Sale) terminal with a Unique Vehicle Identification Number.

A FASTag looks similar to a radio frequency identification (RFID) card and is used on the toll roads of India. It can be installed in any vehicle registered with the RTOs (Regional Transport Office)

You can also call it a smart tag or electronic tag – which is registered with your bank account details, so that you do not need to carry cash every time you travel on a highway where FASTags are operational. With this electronic tag, you just need to show your tag at the tollbooth and the amount will be debited automatically from your bank account.

There are two types of FASTags available: On-board or Smart Card Fast Tags for light vehicles, and Transponder Fast Tags for heavy vehicles, which is called ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system. The light vehicle FASTag is put on the windshield, and heavy vehicle ETC tag is fixed to the front side or rear side of vehicles.

You can activate your FASTag account online or at petrol pumps where you will get a 16-digit prepaid tag number with auto configuration. You need to pay a refundable security deposit while purchasing this tag. There are also other types of FASTags available, which can be used at all toll plazas across the country. They are:

Paper Tags – These tags can be purchased from dealers and petrol pumps on cash payment or by cheque / DD. You get an invoice along with a pin number that you need to mention at the toll plaza in case you are asked for one. The tag will be uploaded with a configurable amount, which is set by the dealer/pump owner.

Manual Tags – This is similar to paper tags, but they do not have any rechargeable pin numbers or chip. They are used on vehicles like bullock carts, camel carts, tractors and passenger vehicles that are not fitted with electronic devices. The tag is similar to a paper ticket and you need to hand it over to the toll collector when you pass through a toll plaza.

Online FASTags – If you have an active credit or debit card, then your bank account can be linked directly to your FASTag.

As of now, the government has tied up with 4 banks – Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of India. These four banks will be issuing FASTags online against your bank account linked to it. Once you purchase the tag online from the bank’s website or mobile app or a petrol pump or toll plaza, it will be activated and ready to use.

How does FASTag work?

Motorists of vehicles equipped with FASTag tag and FASTag account can drive through these toll plazas without stopping. They simply drive to a FASTag compliant outlet, drive-through without stopping, and pay the toll.

A toll collection system can also inform the drivers about the expiry date of their toll tag and if the toll tag needs to be replaced with a new one to continue driving through. Motorists must go and update the toll tag and FASTag account with new account numbers after every six months.

FASTag platform

The FASTag platform manages all the operations and processes for the collection and recharge of the FASTag tags. This platform also provides services like toll payment processing, vehicle tracking, alert messages, e-receipts, and toll collection reports to the users. The platform also generates revenue to the FASTag platform from charges to the users like ETC (Electronic Toll Collection), ETC non-payment, toll collections not credited on account of the wrong account number, toll collection at wrong or illegal/untaxed toll collection zone, et al. 

What is a FASTag consumer account?

 FASTag consumer account is a unique account number allocated to every car driver. It is linked to a vehicle’s registration number and is generated upon the registration of the vehicle and is valid for a period of 6 months. 

The FASTag consumer account contains a personal photo as well as a unique QR code, which has to be displayed prominently on the front windscreen of the vehicle. FASTag consumer account holders can manage their accounts and get notifications about the renewal of the FASTag consumer account as well as the registration of the vehicle. 

Consumers can change their personal photo, add an email address and get a full list of services provided to them through the FASTag consumer account. The consumer account can also be suspended/suspended.

Why would I need a FASTag consumer account? 

The FASTag consumer account helps avoid any inconvenience caused by toll collection snags or tickets. FASTag users can continue to operate their vehicles without worrying about payment for tolls. Also, when the vehicle is sold/lost/robbed, a FASTag consumer account can help in tracing the vehicle’s registration number. If I sell my vehicle and it is equipped with a FASTag tag,

Would I still need a FASTag consumer account?

The sale or transfer of the vehicle without a valid FASTag consumer account can be problematic as vehicle tag tracking services are not available through the FASTag platform. It will be advisable to immediately close the consumer account if the vehicle is sold, otherwise, a FASTag consumer account holder will have to wait for 6 months for the toll account to be renewed. 

How to fill a FASTag form?

Filling up the FASTag form is a completely online process. The online process can be completed within 10 minutes by filling in the required details such as the vehicle registration number and FASTag consumer account number, the number of tags in the vehicle and the toll amount to be paid.

There is no need to wait for the toll amount to be reimbursed because there is an option to cancel a transaction at any time before the tag is charged. A FASTag user can also transfer the toll tag to another vehicle by paying the toll amount and closing the account online.

In case you are an existing FASTag user, you can make an online purchase and purchase or transfer the tag to another vehicle. The final step is to make the payment. If the payment for the toll is not made by the end of the six-month period, a toll tag will be automatically renewed. 

Similarly, if you are a FASTag new user, you will have to apply for the consumer account and purchase or transfer the tag online through the toll process. The customer will also have to pay a one-time fee of Rs100 and a one-time fee of Rs100 every year if the purchase of the tag is being made on a subscription basis. 

How to deactivate FASTag on cars

FASTag can only be deactivated by calling FASTag toll-free number(0755 1200 012) if a consumer account is reactivated, for paying the required fee, for a consumer account is deactivated, or for closing an active account.


The process of installing FASTag on your car is simple and you can easily do it yourself at home if you are not good with machines. But make sure you do not let any unauthorized person come to your home and install FASTag on your car. Also, do not let any auto repair shop charge you more than the normal to install it for you. These guys are thieves and they will rip you off just like they did with mileage correction .

Thankfully, we have a simple solution that will save you money from all these people trying to sell you useless items. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you will get your car FASTag installed in less than 30 mins.

Step 1: First of all, you need to get a FASTag paper from any RTO or ETC lane at toll plazas and then take it to an authorized dealer who can install it for you.

Step 2: The authorized dealer will check the serial number from the paper FASTag and then make a cutout of the size of your car windshield.

Step 3: The paper FASTag will be placed in this cutout and fixed with glue or any tape available at home. You can also use double sided tape to stick it on your windshield.

Step 4: After fixing the paper FASTag, you need to adjust it properly with front and rear cameras of your car so that the tag shows from both sides. You can do this by moving the paper tag up or down along the windshield frame. Do not try sticking it on the ceiling or top of your vehicle as it may be dangerous when driving on high speed.

Step 5: After adjusting, make sure you recheck the tag from both sides while driving and adjust again if needed.

Step 6: This step is optional but recommended by us to save yourself some time in future. When you get back home just scan the barcode from your paper tag and then store it in your phone. Since installing cars FASTag is mandatory, you can use this barcode to prove that you have installed FASTag on your car.

How to fix FASTag On Cars 

Installing FASTag on cars is quite technical and difficult Sometimes due to not properly installed it may become an error that unable to recognize Fastag on Toll-plaza, Here are the Complete details on how to Fix FASTag on cars.

STEP 1: Clean the windshield of your car properly.

STEP 2:  Open your existing FASTag

STEP 3: Locate the Centre of the Windshield to place the FASTag on your car. FASTag Should be Properly positioned withinside the center of the windshield to offer clean studying on the toll plaza.

STEP 4: Remove the sticker Properly from the FASTag.

STEP 5: Now stick it on the windshield in the center and straight.

Your FASTag is installed in your car now.

Still Confusing? Then watch the details video on How to fix Fastag on Cars tutorial.


If you have installed your car FASTag online using a credit or debit card, then the tag will automatically be recharged every time it crosses any toll plaza. If you want to check the balance of your FASTags and how many times it has crossed a toll plaza, then you can simply give a missed call at the toll-free number- +91-8884333331, which is available 24*7. This is a great way to track how many times you have crossed the toll plaza.

FASTag On Car – Things To Remember!

FASTag works on all toll plazas with dedicated lanes and no fee is charged for using FASTag on cars except when you are inside a city. If you want to know more about FASTag, follow the links below:

If you are planning to drive from one city to another on highways, do not forget to carry some cash as FASTag charges a small amount of Rs. 10 if it’s your first time. This is only because they want you to try their service and get used to using FASTags on cars.

If you do not use FASTag on cars for a certain period of time, then it will take your toll amount directly from your bank account, and the money is credited into the BOT (Building Operating Toll) account. For example, if you have driven on highways often but stopped using FASTag, then every time you drive across a toll plaza, money will be taken from your bank account to the BOT account.

If you want to know how to install a FASTag paper on a car windshield frame, just follow the above-given steps.  

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How to fix FASTag on Cars windshield

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How to fix FASTag on Cars windshield News

How to fix FASTag on Cars windshield

Since the launch of FASTag on cars is introduced, the government also...

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